You are invited to join us at Diversity Forum Live where our panellists shall tackle topical issues about diversity & inclusion and how disregarding this can affect the success of your business in 21st century Britain.

Saturday 1st June, 11:00 – 17:00
at London College of Fashion

Our panel topics will be discussed by diversity leaders in Barclays, Nokia, Vodafone, Adidas, M&C Saatchi, Storm Models, BBC, Forbes, ASOS, PwC & Unilever as well as Government officials (to be announced on the day). Media, PR and advertising agencies tackle the tough topic of how to get diversity right with brands, academics and public figures debating the right strategies.

Our power panels will highlight the risks to any organisation in the public eye, with practical examples of how to achieve genuine diversity & inclusion; what authentic community engagement looks like and what opportunities come from learning about new markets. Whether you are a private business, a public organisation or content producer, this is a conversation you should be a part of. If you want your business to achieve more, find diverse consumers and expand your reach into new markets, this is the event for you.

Topics being discussed include:

  1. Who is succeeding at diversity & inclusion; what are they doing differently?
  2. Is it possible to please everyone everywhere? How are ethnic groups responding to campaigns globally?
  3. Are we losing diversity to assimilation on social media or is it enabling us to discover communities?
  4. Where do organisations begin to achieve diversity & inclusion? How important is team diversity, service diversity and diversity in communication?
  5. Knowing your target market and how to diversify to cater to their needs.

We will hear from successful ethnic brands on their methods that have won over ethnic consumers. International blue chip brands that operate in multiple continents will share their experience on how they successfully market and communicate with people of differing cultures and communities. Government officials and universities join the debate; from HR & training to comms and marketing teams. This is a conversation that impacts every aspect of an organisation. The five panel discussions across the day will drill into the impact of diversity & inclusion on business management, content creation, branding and communications.

Panellists include:

  • Annika Allen – Barclays – Diversity & Inclusion Content Manager
  • Aruge Ahmed – Nokia – Head of Global Retail Marketing
  • Sereena Abbassi – M&C Saatchi – Worldwide Head of Culture & Inclusion
  • Asma Elbadawi –Adidas – Brand Ambassador & Product Developer
  • Samah Hamdan – BBC World Service – Journalist
  • Sharmaine Aderemi – Storm Models – Senior Talent & Brand Manager
  • Ezdihar Abdulmula – Vodafone – Co-Chair of Multicultural Inclusion
  • Alex Sasha Saenko – PwC – Digital Transformation
  • Ahmed Versi – The Muslim News – Editor
  • Chioma Onwutalobi – Glam Africa – CEO
  • Hassan Mawji – Verona – Managing Director
  • Tommy Williams – Forbes – Writer
  • Narjice Basaran – Diversity Forum Live – Head of Marketing
  • Niamh McEnery – London College of Fashion – Public Relations & Communications

Confirmed brands and organisations attending include:
Turkish Airlines, TopShop, Schwarzkopf, Economist, Unilever, Superdrug, Natwest, TRT World and many more are attending.

This is an annual event brought to you by
London College of FashionGlam Africa, The Hayat & The Muslim News.
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Saturday 1st June, 11:00 – 17:00
RHS Space, London College of Fashion,
John Prince’s Street, London, W1G 0BJ
(Oxford Street Station)

@chiomaonwutalobi featured on @bbcafrica. “I love that we are showing women who are doing amazing things in their careers.” Chioma Onwutalobi is the CEO of Glam Africa Mag magazine and wants to prove that there’s never been a better time to make the best of your opportunities – wherever you’re from.

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